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Printing Press Office

Based on records, during the early years of operation, this unit has experienced a performance way above expectations, in spite of the fact that the machines used are not in A-1 conditions at that time. It caters the institutional printing needs as well as some outside job orders (limited).

More than half a decade ago, this office noted the diminishing income year per year as a result of the breakdown on the money machine – the offset printing machine.  Its operation has been limited to cater to in-house printing needs less the offset printing requirement. Likewise, it was noted that operating expenses has increased due to efforts of producing such in-house job orders of small quantities, which requires offset printing and are manipulated in computer/deskjet prints, thus, income was clipped to such a low level.

The present management tried to rehabilitate these machines but experts invited to evaluate and assess them suggested otherwise. That would mean restoring the unit and operating it is not commercially viable. Other machines though were rehabilitated by these efforts utilizing local labor and supervision.

This development plan is primarily focused to acquire, in particular, 1) a new offset printing machine and its accessory components; 2) direct purchasing of printing supplies and materials; 3) enhanced marketing plan and, 4) redirected operational processes, which includes strategies towards ultimate income generation.


The plan also incorporates essential changes in the operation that would lead this office towards achieving the following goals by the year 2009.

  1. Efforts to bring down to zero level, the university’s printing job orders brought to outside printing establishments.
  1. Provide quality service to all the printing needs of EVSU campuses and walk-in outside client.
  1. In-house printing jobs charged at a cost to cover the purchase of supplies, materials and maintenance of equipment only.
  1. Boast income generation to augment the university’s operating expenses.

Brief History

In 1989, the Leyte Institute of Technology, one of the leading technological state colleges in region VIII, has envisioned to open more technical courses to complement the felt need for skilled manpower poll in the trade and industry sector of the region and the country as a whole.

One of the technical courses planned to offer then was the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology with major in Printing and Photography. LIT would have served as the only state college in the visayas region to offer such formal training in this particular field.

In consonance with this plan and considering the ever increasing printing demands of the institute, LIT proposed and allocated P0.6M charged to the general fund adjustment (RA 6642) from the institute's savings, for the immediate purchase of printing equipment that would serve the instructional purpose and

cater the printing demands of the school as well.

The printing demands of the institute would be within the trilogy of functions then of an SUC namely: Instruction, Research, and Extension Services.

However, the course offered got little response from the public, which resulted to its abolishing, two years after its initial offering, and letting the enrolled ones to graduate with the same major.

Today, as LIT converted into a state university, EVSU has gained and benefited more for having installed its own Printing Press unit. 30% to 40% estimated to be saved in the yearly printing expense alone of the institute.

Now, EVSU printing press caters not only inside EVSU main campus but to other EVSU campus and satellite campuses and the private sector as well,
and is now the number one (1) income generating unit under the Income
Generating Projects, or the IGP program of the university.

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