Retention Policy

OF SY 2009-2010

    1. A student who, at the end of the semester, obtains a failing grade in one (1) of the subjects for which he has registered will receive a FIRST WARNING from the Dean through the recommendation of the Head, to improve his work.
    2. A student will receive a FINAL WARNING and be given a Probationary Status from the Dean through the recommendation of the Head if:
      1. At the end of the semester, he obtains a failing grade in two (2) of the subjects in which he has final grades;
      2. he failed two (2) times successive in the same subject.

      A student who receives a FINAL WARNING shall have his load for the succeeding semester limited to the extent which shall be determined by the Dean through the recommendation of the Head and may undergo counseling either by the Guidance counselor or academic adviser or both

      Any student who has received two successive warnings shall be placed on probation. Probation may be lifted the following semester if the student passes all his subjects in whom he/she has final grades.

      A “First or Final Warning” may be removed by passing with grades of “3.0” or “Better” in all of the subjects he is registered during the succeeding semester.

    3. A student shall be DISMISSED from the college if:
      1. At the end of the semester, he failed in three (3) or more of the subjects in which he has final grades;
      2. He failed three times successively in the same subject.
      3. Failed to earn a grade of 3.0 or better in all of the subjects he is registered while he is on Probationary Status. However, he/she may be readmitted to another College of the University to which He/She qualifies.
      4. The Student earns an accumulated failing grades of 18 units or more at the end of any semester from 1st year to 3rd year.
      5. If a student in the 4th and 5th year fails 9 units in a semester, he/she will only be accepted after seeking approval from the college Dean; those with accumulated failures of 18 units need to submit Program of Study subject to approval of the Dean.
    4. A student who is admitted into the College must pass all his deficiencies in the Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and English courses within three school years of actual residence in the University.


      1. If a student fails a subject but re-enrolls it and receives a grade of 2.5 or higher during the latter semester, the original failure will not be counted in the accumulation.
      2. A student who gets disqualified in the college of engineering may be readmitted in other college provided they meet the admission requirements and his abilities fit for that program upon the recommendation of the Guidance Counselor and Dean of the College he is enrolled in.
      3. Dismissal does not apply to cases where, on the recommendation of the faculty concerned, he certifies that the grade of “5.0” were due to the students unauthorized dropping of the subjects and not to poor scholarship. However, if the unauthorized withdrawal takes place after the mid-semester and the student’s class standing is poor, his grades of “5.0” shall be counted against him for the purpose of this scholarship rule. The Dean shall deal with those cases on their individual services; provided, that in no case of readmission to the same College shall the action be lighter than “Final Warning”.
      4. Grades of “Inc.” must be completed and grades of “conditional failure” removed before the close of registration for the first semester of the next school year in order to be credited.
      5. For the purpose of definition, a school year will consist of two semester and one summer session;

      One semester will be equivalent to 3/7 of a school year, and one summer will be equivalent to 1/7 of a school year.


    “Conditional Failure” may be made up for by successful repetition of the course, or by passing a re-examination. If the student passes the re-examination, he is given a grade of “3.0”, but if he fails a “5.0”. Only one examination is allowed which must be taken within the prescribed time. If a student does not remove the grade of “conditional failure” within the prescribed time, he may earn credit for the course only by repeating and passing it. A grade of “conditional failure” given for the first semester work of a two semester course shall be converted to a grade of “3.0” if the student passes the second semester part of the same course in the same academic year. If he fails, the grade of ”conditional failure” which he received for the first semester work shall be converted to a grade of “5.0”.

    The grade of “Inc.” is given if a student, whose class standing throughout the semester is PASSING, fails to take the final examination or fails to complete the other requirements for the course, due to illness or other valid reasons. In case the class standing is not passing and the students fails to take the final examination for any reason a grade of “5.0” is given. Removal of the “Inc” must be done within the prescribed time by passing an examination or meeting all the requirements for the course, after which the student shall be given a final grade based on his over-all performance.

    There shall be a regular period for removing grades of “conditional failure” and “Inc.” before the start of each semester. Such a grade may no longer be improved after the end of the third regular removal period immediately following the semester term in which the grade was incurred. A grade of “conditional failure” received after removing a grade of “Inc.” however, must be removed within the remaining portion of the prescribed period for the removal of the original grade “Inc”.

    A mark of “Incomplete” is not included in the computation of grades, unless it is replace by a final grade, in which case the said grade shall be included in the grades during the semester in which the removal was made.

    Examinations for the removal of grades of “conditional failure” and “Inc.” is taken upon payment of the corresponding fee per subject. Students not in residence shall pay the registration fee besides the examination fee in order to be entitled to take the removal examination.


    Transfer students whose subjects are not in line with the engineering programs and wish to credit the subjects upon enrolment in the engineering program shall submit to a validating examination of the subject he/she wants to be validated upon paying validating fee.

    Students who have incomplete grades or no grades appear in the grade sheet submitted by the instructor (who retired, resigned or not connected to the university anymore) and claim to have been passed the subject shall take a validating examination upon paying the validating fee.

    The conduct of the validation examination shall be assigned only to the faculty who is officially recognized to handle the subject during its regular offering.

    The faculty assigned to conduct the examination shall be entitled to a fee equivalent to the product of his/her hourly wage rate and credited units or contact hours per week of the subject.

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