Code of Conduct

All bonafide students are required to know and observe the rules, regulations, policies, and requirements of the Institute. Thus, ignorance of the provisions stated herein does not excuse any student from the corresponding sanctions stipulated.

Students are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and deportment at all times on and off the campus, and to uphold the moral standards of the Institute. The students are expected to:

  • Wear their prescribed school uniform during class days except laundry day of which the students are to dress appropriately. Slippers and rubber sandals must not to be used in school.



Female students are prohibited from wearing blouses or dresses that are:
  • tube -style backless spaghetti straps narrow shoulder straps halter cut low cut necklines transparent attires with no proper undergarments micro-mini-skirts
  • short pants



Male students are not allowed to wear:
  • short pants or "purontong" pants cross dresses earrings make-up long hair
  • tattered pant
  • Secure a gate or sticker from the Office of the Property Custodian for the cars.
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