About COBE

The College of Business and Entrepreneurship started as a department under the College of Arts and Sciences. But because of the realignment of business related courses, COBE was established as a separate College effective August 27, 2002 upon the approval of the Board of Trustees.



A center for development of globally competitive human resources in the field of business and entrepreneurship



Develop students in terms of leadership, values, and business acumen, and equip them with high quality academic standards enabling them to compete globally with other professionals in the field of business.



  • To produce competent, technically skilled and highly competitive graduates capable of leading and pursuing business responsive to the needs of the society.
  • To enhance professional expertise in instruction, research, extension, and production.
  • To pursue sustainable linkages with community through the provision of consultancy and other services.
  • To sustain an enterprise managed by students.



  • To train and develop students in accordance with quality academic standards.
  • To operationalize and enhance faculty development program.
  • To build strong linkages with the community where expertise is freely shared.
  • To establish and sustain income-generating projects for the college.
  • To encourage the production of scholarly instructional materials as a source of stable financial resources.
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