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The Graduate School is the logical outgrowth which serves as basis for an urgent concern of the school administration as the history of the Institute revealed, that there was a popular demand for advanced education to be offered for the main purpose of professional training more educational outlook, and research consciousness in the various academic – technological and vocational – industrial fields of endeavor.

With only a few teachers – students who sought to upgrade their professional competencies, the Graduate School started its operation in the Summer Term of 1973.

Because of the popular demand for advanced education and professional training in academic, vocational – industrial fields, the school has substantially progressed, and has attained a considerable degree of distinction and identity.



Catalytic agents providing the region’s top leadership – humane, dynamic and responsive to national aspirations.



Providing quality education and training in graduate education to professionals in the region along the areas of general education, science and technology, vocational – industrial and engineering fields, through instruction, research, extension and production activities in order to provide skilled and professional human resources imbued with positive values that help enhance regional and national development.
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