EVSU to raise center for int’l relations


The need for a facility that will serve as a hub for academic functions and global gatherings led to the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Center, a two storey building rising at the old Tennis Court said former Institutional Planning Director, Dr. Gerry B. de Cadiz.

Eyed to be completed by July 2018, the said center will focus on research and development, improvement of existing degree programs and fulfillment of core objectives thru technological innovations, quality assurance and standards.

Moreover, the 900-square meter building will house four offices namely, Institute of International Relations (IIR), Higher Education Forum (HEF), Executive Life-long Learning Institute (ELLI) and Disaster Management Institute (DMI) funded through the General Appropriations Act of 2015 with a project cost of more than PHP 16M.

Dr. de Cadiz, now dean of the College of Business and Entrepreneurship however, clarified that the EVSU already has the Disaster Management Laboratory which has the same thrust as that of the DMI. Said laboratory is located at the second floor of the Science Building.

International Relations is intended to serve as an avenue in which professors or faculty members of EVSU may do their researches and propose linkages with other universities particularly in ASEAN countries.

“So basically, it is intended to the faculty of Social Sciences Department because it is more about governance, international and trade relations. But of course, other faculty members from other departments can also engage,” Dr. de Cadiz said.

Likewise, the Higher Education Forum is designed as a research facility specifically for education professionals or faculty from the College of Education and other faculty from the university. This will serve as an interface for professors to do researches in pedagogy, teaching strategy or all about education system particularly in the ASEAN integration for education.

Lastly, the Executive Life-long Learning Institute is meant to give opportunities for professionals to further engage their selves in enhancing or advancing their careers. At the same time, the ELLI could also be an avenue for community or extension programs not just in the region or in the country but also at the international level.

“Professionals in EVSU can engage in trainings to advance their field of discipline in other country such as enrolling in the University of Malaysia to acquire such competence or skills relative to their specialization,” Dr. de Cadiz added.

Other than the four units, the Asia-Pacific Center will likewise house a convention hall on its ground floor. Also, the office of the Vice President for Internationalization and External Affairs, Dr. Felixberto E. Avestruz will also be positioned at the said building.

“But it’s not yet for completion because the budget for the Asia-Pacific Center has been limited. So I believe the Office for Planning right now through the Office of the President has proposed actually to the Department of Budget and Management to give priority allocation for its completion by 2019 including the purchase of facilities and other equipment particularly in the convention hall,” the former director further explained.

Dr. de Cadiz also said that apart from the academic benefits the EVSU stakeholders will get from the establishment of the said building, this can also be an income-generating project for the university as interested government agencies and private organizations will be allowed to rent or utilize the said facilities.

“Asia-Pacific Center is not just for the EVSU personnel or faculty. That would also help the students a lot, to learn particularly if we already have our linkages to other universities. That could be a way to learning a lot about international relations or what kind of education system you will have in other countries and how will it affect you in the university. It will have a direct impact to you as students. Facilities will be for a multi-collegiate utility. This will serve as a shared facility based on the offices,” Dr. de Cadiz concluded.

The Office of the University President is still to determine who will manage the four units in the Asia-Pacific Center once the said building is ready for operations.

Other on-going constructions include the renovations of Automotive, Maritime Education, Technomart buildings, the University President’s office and the completion of the Entrepreneurship building.