JS Prom not compulsory this year


NON-COMPULSORY. T h i s year’s promenade will no longer be compulsory per order of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Officers of the JSCO conducted a general assembly for all juniors and seniors to elaborate on the set-up for this year’s prom.

Different from the usual set-up in the previous years, members of the Junior and Senior Class Organization (JSCO) are no longer obliged to attend the JS Promenade this year per notice from the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA).

According to Dan Jake Basalo, member of the committee for media and publications, the decision to have the promenade non-compulsory was due to the implementation of the free tuition in which students are no longer obliged to pay for curricular activities.

In line with this, the officers of the JSCO held a correlated general assembly at the Inner Court last January 24, and will conduct a poll next month to determine the attendees for the said event.

Since the promenade is no longer compulsory, JSCO officers explained that the payment scheme will be based on the poll to be conducted next month. Only those juniors who will confirm their attendance to the prom will be obliged to pay the fee which will range from Php 600.00 – Php 650.00. Seniors who gave an affirmative attendance to the prom but failed to pay the prom fee last year will likewise pay the same amount.

Furthermore, the prom will be held at the Leyte Academic Center (LAC), Palo, Leyte on March 1, 2018.

“LAC because it is more convenient and it has a larger area where greater number of students can be accommodated and it will lessen the days of the prom, unlike last year it was held for three days, now just two”, said Karen Mae Maravilla, presiding JSCO president.

The theme for the coming prom is “Belvedere” which was derived from the glamour Casino Royale motif and does not incite color codes.

“We are hoping that many students will confirm to be there in order for us officers to estimate the number of attendees and prepare accordingly”, Maravilla added.

Students however have mixed reactions regarding the said promenade. Some students prefer to attend the prom while others opt to skip it due to their academics and wanting to be more practical.

“I want to engage myself and experience this year’s prom. Just go with the flow,” said Aivy, a MAPEH major junior and one of the cotillion dancers.

“Our class will not be here because we have an educational tour during those dates,” said a third year BS Office Administration student confirming their nonattendance of the event.

The JSCO officers will keep disseminating information regarding additional reminders and conclusion of the preparations of the prom.