• To provide the BS Architecture students with education and training that is receptive, dynamic and pro-active to the changing needs and demands of the society and environment.
  • To train and equip students with the highest degree of knowledge, technical skills and values to attain and sustain excellent academic performance.
  • To produce highly trained graduates capable of achieving high performance in licensure examinations.
  • To produce highly-qualified and competent professionals in the field of architecture, imbued with positive values, responsive to the needs of the local, national and global market.
  • To promote regeneration, adoption and dissemination of knowledge thru research and development activities in the field of architecture, design and construction for the enhancement of the quality of life.
  • To imbibe a leadership role and active participation in the service of the architectural profession thru extension programs and projects for the community and nation-building.
  • To instill the value of efficiency, creativity, entrepreneurship and productivity thru income generating projects supportive of the local and national economic goals.