The Graduate School is the logical outgrowth of the history of the Institute and the popular demand for advanced instruction and professional training in various academic, vocational-industrial, and technological fields.

            With only a few teacher-students who sought to upgrade their professional competencies, the Graduate School started its operation in 1973.  Because of the popular demand for advanced education and professional training in vocational and academic fields, the school has substantially progressed and has attained a considerable degree of distinction and identity.


Catalytic agents providing the region’s top leadership – humane, dynamic and responsive to national aspirations.


Providing quality education and training in graduate education to professionals in the region along the areas of general education, science and technology, vocational – industrial and engineering fields, through instruction, research, extension and production activities in order to provide skilled and professional human resources imbued with positive values that help enhance regional and national development.


The primary purpose of the Graduate School is to develop effective leaders in education, government, business, industry, and in other fields of endeavor by developing the students to be competent, innovative, creative, and productive citizens in a global village.

As a graduate school in the region offering specialized courses in vocational, trade, industrial, technological, engineering and other related fields of education including rural development administration and educational programs management.


  • To provide a comprehensive graduate education with a wider orientation in the fields of research, science, technology and general education.
  • To provide a graduate education designed to improve professional and technological competencies of teachers, entrepreneurs, engineers, administrators and managers in the region
  • To develop scientific innovative ability among the present and future leaders that would help them meet the demands of a dynamic society
  • To equip professional leaders with the values and skills needed for the promotion of effective and efficient service to society
  • To enhance the operationalization of the knowledge creation process supportive of regional development
  • To upgrade the graduate students’ ability to design strategy, structure, and system for the promotion of continuous process development inherent in a changing society
  • To encourage researches along areas of immediate concern that are germane to the places with abundant resources