2.1 All students are required to wear decent attire as prescribed by the university.

    2.1.1 Sporting long hair, wearing knee torn pants, shorts, sleeveless shirt, slippers, nose ting & earrings among male students are strictly prohibited.
    2.1.2 Female students are not allowed to wear very tight, body hugging, haltered, revealing clothes, skimpy skirts, and slippers.
    2.1.3 Cross dressing is strictly prohibited.

2.2 Every student shall, in word and in deed, observe the proper norms of courtesy and etiquette at all times.

2.3 All students shall observe cleanliness and proper decorum.

    2.3.1 Students are encouraged to observe proper waste disposal.
    2.3.2 All students shall refrain from unruly behavior such as shouting, cussing and heckling.
    2.3.3 Blatant display of affection in the campus is prohibited.
    2.3.4 Students are required to seek prior written permission from the proper authorities before using any school facilities and equipment.

2.4 All students shall observe proper handling and use of university equipment and facilities.

2.5 All students are strictly prohibited from smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and using prohibited and illegal drugs in campus.

2.6  Any student who wishes to represent the university in any activity outside the campus shall secure parent’s permit and approval from the Dean of Students.

2.7  Students may release to the press or similar channels of public communication notices, announcements and opinions about or in behalf of the university with the approval of the Dean of Students.

2.8  Students who invite guests from outside (seminar participants, viewers of exhibits, resource speakers) are required to inform the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and secure a permit from OSA.

2.9  Students who intend to go on educational tours, fieldtrips, and the like shall secure permission from the College Dean, the Dean of students, and the VPAA and shall presents’ permit/waiver duly signed by their parents/guardians.