The college of Architecture & Allied Disciplines has its humble beginnings as a 4-year course the Civil Engineering Department of the College of Engineering.

  • The course was opened in 1976 by virtue if LIT Board Resolution No. 747, s. 1976.
  • The program was revised into 5-year ladder-type curriculum in S.Y. 1981-1982 thru Board Resolution No. 1288, s. 1980, in compliance with the Ministry of Education Culture and Sports (MECS) Order No. 32, s. 1979.
  • In the same school year, the program became a separate department under the LIT College of Engineering.
  • The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design was approved in principle thru Board Resolution No. 30, s. 1998 and took effect in S.Y. 1999-2000
  • In line with its commitment to pursue academic excellence, the college continues to produce quality graduates and board topnotchers.
  • From 2003 to present it has produced a total of 2 board placers in Interior Design and 9 topnotchers in the Architects Licensure Examination.
  • And ranked 4th place in the top performing schools in January 2004 Architecture Licensure Examinations.
  • Last 2008 CAAD again produced 1st placer in Architecture Licensure Examination conducted in Kingdom in Saudi Arabia.


World class state university imbued with positive values in the professional and advanced technological fields for human and progress.


Competent leaders, providing quality education and professional training in selected areas of specializations through instruction, research, extension services and production.


Bachelor of Science in Architecture program:

  • To provide the BS Architecture students with education and training that is receptive, dynamic and proactive to the changing needs and demands of the society and environment.
  • To train and equip students with the highest degree of knowledge, technical skills and values to attain and sustain excellent academic performance.
  • To produce highly trained graduates capable of achieving high performance in licensure examinations.
  • To produce highly-qualified and competent professionals in the field of architecture, imbued with positive values, responsive to the needs of the local, national and global market.
  • To promote regeneration, adoption and dissemination of knowledge thru research and development activities in the field of architecture, design and construction for the enhancement of the quality of life.
  • To imbibe a leadership role and active participation in the service of the architectural profession thru extension programs and projects for the community and nation-building.
  • To instill the value of efficiency, creativity, entrepreneurship and productivity thru income generating projects supportive of the local and national economic goals.

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design program:

  • To provide the students with a strong foundation on theory and practice for them to develop meaningful solutions that focus on the design of interior spaces in diverse contexts.
  • To adopt a design methodology and process of research, analysis, design, and presentation, with a strong emphasis on conceptual development, by emphasizing aspects of research, writing and design theory.
  • To create an emphasis on design that is responsive to the cultural, functional and aesthetic needs of the human environment by instilling social design concepts and principles.
  • To inculcate among students the importance of design in terms of space planning, ergonomis, anthropometrics,aesthetics and function to human behavior.
  • To provide the application of knowledge and theory into practice through the creative and experiential learning of the studio, and the practical application of theory through materials, methods, technology and practice.