1.1   Every student is regarded as representative as well as a reflection of the Eastern Visayas State University. Hence, whether on or off the campus, the EVSU student is expected to be a model of the highest norms of behavior befitting a true scholar, a future professional, and a respectable citizen, bearing in mind that being a bonafide EVSU student is not just a privilege but also a responsibility.

1.2   Students are expected to know the vision, mission and core values of the university, as well as, its logo, hymn and march.

1.3   Every student shall observe and respect the laws of the land, the norms of the organized society, the code of conduct, rules and regulations of the university.

1.4   Every student shall wear the prescribed school uniform unless he/she gives a valid reason excusing him/her from wearing the school uniform, subject to the approval of the OSA Head & Dean of Students.

    1.4.1  Wearing or school uniform outside the school premises e.g. to the malls, parks, local festivities is strictly prohibited unless otherwise prescribed by the university.
    1.4.2  Students are required to wear the uniform prescribed by their college.

1.5   All students shall observe the following guidelines on the use of official Identification Card (ID), and Certificate of Registration (COR):

    1.5.1 Upon admission to the university, every student is issued an official ID card. He/She must have this card validated by the Dean of Students at the start of every term. An invalidated card is null, therefore it will not be recognized in official transactions.
    1.5.2  He/She must always wear his/her ID conspicuously while he/she is inside the university campus and bring a copy of his/her COR to school.
    1.5.3  Students are liable for false information on their ID and COR.
    • Students who have transferred residence or changed their civil status should make corresponding changes in their student information at the MIS and OGS.
    1.5.4  A student who fails to bring either both ID and COR shall be subjected to disciplinary action specified in the section for University Disciplinary Measures.
    1.5.5  A student who uses a non-validated ID shall be subjected to disciplinary action.
    1.5.6  A student who loses his ID shall be subjected to sanctions.
    1.5.7 In the implementation of the foregoing guidelines on the use of ID/registration card, utmost courtesy is expected at all times.
    1.5.8 A student who drops/withdraws/transfers from the university must surrender his ID card to the Office of the Registrar as a requirement for the issuance by the Registrar a certification of graduation or transfer credentials. The IDs surrendered must be turned over to SSD by the Registrar.
    1.5.9  A student proven to have violated the foregoing rule shall be subjected to disciplinary measures specified.

1.6   Every student is encouraged to attend university sponsored activities.

1.7   Students are not allowed to stay inside the campus after 9 pm. However, they maybe allowed beyond 9 pm or stay overnight in the campus provided they secure written permission from the University President through the SSD at least a day before the intended stay.

1.8   Classes in all levels (unless specified otherwise) are automatically suspended without need for any announcement from the university, under any of the following conditions:

    1.8.1  When typhoon signal #3 is raised in the Region;
    1.8.2  During regular and special non-working holidays as declared by the Office of the President of the Philippines;
    1.8.3  During local holidays as declared by the City Mayor having political jurisdiction over the university.

1.9   When class suspension is announced, students will not be allowed to stay and loiter in the campus.

    1.9.1  In extreme events when students are unable to go home, specific areas inside the campus shall be identified as temporary shelter.