Quality Objectives

  1. To provide quality education compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements.
  2. To produce competent graduates equipped with knowledge and positive values needed for sustainable development.
  3. To champion relevant research and development, and extension programs and projects for community development.
  4. To deliver efficient services according to the mandated functions of the University
  5. To promote continual improvement in the management system, processes, instrumentalities, and mechanisms to satisfy customer’s needs.

Quality Policy

We are committed to provide quality education integrating our core values in the performance of our mandate for academic excellence and humane service.

We are committed to demonstrate abilities in fulfilling applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, with an overall focus on risk-based thinking and on customer satisfaction. with strong leadership and unified efforts we put premium on revitalized instruction, relevant extension, intensified research, optimized production, and expanded development initiatives.

We are committed to continual improvement recognizing changes as opportunities at hand. With the established Quality Management System as foundation and guide for actions, we take further steps toward becoming the leading state University.