Description of the Program  

The program is designed to broaden the outlook of the students while preparing them for positions of leadership in both the private and public sectors of our society, by providing them with the best training and instructions available. This doctoral program is also designed to meet the needs in Eastern Visayas for competent leaders and / or executives who can manage effectively and efficiently all available resources and technologies and who posses also the ability to spot problems as well as the knowledge to convert these problems into opportunities that would benefit the organizations where they work in and to the region as well.

Goals and Objectives:

The DMT Program’s general objective is to provide the students with the best training and instructions available which are designed to develop their management competencies and effectiveness in dealing with the multifarious types of business and management problems which they will encounter in the course of the performance of their duties and responsibilities as professional managers and as respected and responsible members of society.

The specific objectives of the program are as follows:

  1. Provide the students the opportunity to upgrade and update their competencies in the use of more advanced technological approaches in the field of management;
  2. Develop the proper values and skills in the management of men, money and materials both in public and business; and
  3. Develop the management competencies of the students by exposing them thoroughly to the varied complex problems faced by top-level executives while performing the various management and business functions.
  4. Enhance the student’s knowledge and skills in decision-making processes through the appropriate use of ICT tools and materials.


You can also download the PDF file just click Curriculum Checklist