Description of the Program

The public resource management program is designed to promote the study and research in this field.  With the application of advanced science and technology models and resources, the program will prepare graduates to play a critical role in the formulation, implementation, and management of government programs, which are socially and ecologically sustainable.  To keep abreast with the times, the program will also utilize Information and Communication Technology models.  The program will cover studies on health, economy, education, politics as well as environmental concerns taking into consideration proper management of both material and human resources.  Further, the course offering seeks to combine theoretical concepts with the issues of policy implementation and practice.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To strengthen the technical and managerial competencies of individuals in the field of Public Resource Management thus, contributing to the sustainable development of the Eastern Visayas region
  2. To upgrade the knowledge of professionals on the principles, concepts, and current approaches and trends in Public Resource Management
  3. To instill the value of responsible management among the graduate students specifically along the following areas:  public accountability, politics and development, discussion making and policy formulation
  4. To strengthen capability of graduate students in the area of research, thus providing support to development efforts in the region.


You can also download the PDF file just click Curriculum Checklist