Francisca T. Uy, Fideliza U. Cojuangco, Ryzel Maureen F. Canes, Osias Kit T. Kilag, Cara Frances K. Abendan, Imee B. Dicdiquin


This study investigates the pervasive influence of Chomsky's Universal Grammar (UG) in the acquisition of second languages across diverse linguistic dimensions. Through a systematic literature review, four distinct themes emerged, each shedding light on the intricate interplay between UG and the various aspects of language learning. The first theme reveals UG's enduring impact on syntax, as evidenced by consistent patterns of syntactic transfer from native to second languages. In the second theme, UG's influence extends to morphological acquisition, guiding the internal structure of words in second languages. The third theme explores UG's role in phonological acquisition, uncovering universal principles governing the perceived similarity of sounds. The fourth theme delves into higher-level language functions, emphasizing UG's impact on pragmatics and discourse coherence. Collectively, these findings underscore the robust and pervasive nature of UG in shaping second language acquisition, extending its influence beyond traditional linguistic domains. The study contributes to a comprehensive understanding of UG's role in guiding learners through the complexities of acquiring syntactic structures, morphological nuances, phonological distinctions, and higher-level language functions in diverse linguistic contexts. As language acquisition research advances, the foundational principles of Universal Grammar remain central to unraveling the innate cognitive mechanisms guiding the intricate process of acquiring a second language.

Name of Research Journal

Excellencia: International Multi-disciplinary Journal of Education

Volume and Issue No.

Vol. 1 No. 5

Date/Year of Publication

November 2023


Uy, F., Cojuangco, F., Canes, R. M., Kilag, O. K., Abendan, C. F., & Dicdiquin, I. (2023). Syntax and Beyond: Investigating Chomsky's Universal Grammar in the Acquisition of Second Languages. Excellencia: International Multi-disciplinary Journal of Education (2994-9521), 1(5), 345-357.