A premier institute in the fields of engineering and technology supportive of regional and national development


Develop globally competitive professional engineers and technologists imbued with positive values through instruction.


  1. To provide technical and professional training to individuals the various fields of engineering and ICT that may fully develop their abilities and potential, thereby increasing technological and scientific capabilities and knowledge.
  2. To provide leadership training in technical research to students and professionals that would enhance development programs, projects and ventures by conducting scholarly inquiries into their feasibility, viability and activity to the social milieu.
  3. To provide extension programs to faculty members and students that would expose them to experience the real world life and apply the knowledge they learn in school.
  4. To equip the students with the necessary skills and expertise that would make them globally competitive, functional, useful and productive members of the society.
  5. To inculcate high sense of moral, ethical and spiritual values in the exercise of the engineering and technological profession.