Dr. Dennis C. De Paz, President of Eastern Visayas State University, enthusiastically welcomed all participants in the event on the New Conference of the New Audit Team. Because it is a necessary endeavor for the university to keep growing and performing effectively, the audit team is an independent role within the institution that assists management in achieving its goals by assessing the risk and control settings. Dr. De Paz also sincerely thanks the previous audit team on behalf of the university for their initiative, work and effort, passion and commitment, excellent performance as well as their competent and congenial essence in undertaking the audit procedures.

Effective audit teams are made up of successful audit professionals, Atty. Helen O. Fabra, the supervising auditor, introduced to the body the institution’s new COA Audit Team, which included Ma. Eloisa K. Cojuangco the audit team leader, and the audit team members are Roby Renna M. Estoque and Olive A. MiƱoza. The plenary discussion or presentation of the new COA Audit Team then followed. 

As EVSU strives to maintain its status as a robust, highly advanced, and competent university, the institution’s new COA Audit team will undoubtedly demonstrate inventiveness, forward-thinking, and progressiveness, qualifications that can support Eastern Visayas State University in garnering and preserving excellence.

EVSU key officials and representatives from the external campuses also showed their support for the institution during the said event.

The event was held on February 11, 2022, at Studio Room, ORDEx Building, EVSU-Main Campus.