From a total of 9,937 enrollees for the first semester of the school year, the Office of the Registrar noted a further depression in the enrollment statistics of the main campus with 9,085 officially enrolled students for the second semester.

                According to the University Registrar Prof. Gregoria Dela Cruz, despite the several extensions provided by the university to cater late enrollees, the statistics failed to rise due to the same reasons why there was a 30 percent tip on the enrollment statistics last semester.

The College of Engineering (COE) recorded the most number of enrollees with no less than 2,585 students. College of Education (COEd) followed with 1,415 students, the College of Technology (COT) with 1,366, the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) with 1,163, the College of Business and Entrepreneurship (COBE) with 1,087, the Graduate School with 912 and the College of Architecture and Allied Discipline (CAAD) with 588.

Furthermore, the number of freshmen students, according to registrar’s tally this semester counts to 1,338 enrollees which declined because of the K-12 transition. Meanwhile, fourth year students now registers to a sum total of 2,082.

“The delay or the re-extension of enrolment was because, some of the teachers or most of the faculty members are included in the accreditation, especially the College of Arts and Sciences and of course same with the College of Business and Entrepreneurship. And lastly, the giving of grades were given late, that is why these students were not evaluated as early as possible,” said Prof. Dela Cruz.

Although the classes for the second semester officially started on November 3, the registrar still accepted late enrollees because of delays in the evaluation of the students and the submission of grades by the instructors who were part of the accreditation processes simultaneously held during the enrollment period.

Prof. Dela Cruz said that the university is now looking forward for the possibility of having online enrolment for less hassle and faster admission of students, since other universities were also adapting it. However, this should be agreed first by the university key officials.