One of the most anticipated highlights for this year’s 115th founding anniversary is the Loyalty Service Award 2021. This has been a commendable culture that EVSU upholds as it continues to value its employees by giving them due recognition. Meanwhile, this is based on praise and civil service has released rules and regulations which provide prime importance to the workforce by which EVSU has become the part of their momentous life’s journey.

To be qualified as an awardee, employees, both teaching and non-teaching personnel, need to have reached 10 years of effervescent service in the university.

The giving of accolades started sometime in 2008 where it is called Loyalty Award, and employees received a hard-earned plaque of recognition as an emblem of their unwavering commitment to the Uuniversity. The Parangal Award started in 2017.

For this year’s Parangal Award, the theme resembles that of the Oscars Award having black and gold colors with the theme, “Responding to Changing Education in Times of Covid-19 Pandemic.” This will be  held on February 21, 2022 at EVSU Auditorium and recipients will be wearing gown for women and tuxedo for men.

Ascertaining that everything goes smoothly, Dr. Doris Espina, the lead organizer of the Parangal Award for years, says that the team has already started decorating the venue and all the communications and logistics are on progress to make a seamless and memorable year for the awardees.

For this year’s Parangal Award, there will be 81 EVSU employee awardees across campuses. Likewise, 14 of retirees will be given recognition for their commitment in service to the university in their entire career life.

As a leading university who puts premium in serving people, it never fails to acknowledge the people behind the success of every student- EVSU personnel.

Some of the Awardees

Dr. Analyn Españo

Dr. Analyn Españo is one of the icons of EVSU since 2021. She serves and accepts responsibilities by heart and she fulfills her duties religiously. “I feel proud and happy to know that I have made it as a faculty of EVSU,” Dr. Espano, the current Dean of the Graduate School, recounted.

EVSU is an opportunity for her to hone her skills and to unleash her potentials by serving both in the academic and administrative services. “Working in academic community like EVSU, you see the growth of the academe because of different minds that converge. Even if we have varying opinion, we still stand united,” she added.

On her 20 years of service, she is beyond grateful as to what EVSU has given her.  “What matters is how I will be able to contribute to each realization of institutional goals. I am not very particular with the title, whatever your role is in the university, you have something to share, that is my philosophy,” she underscored.

Teodorico M. Urgel Jr.

Engr. Urgel has been serving EVSU for forty years. He has witnessed the undulating paradigm of the institution, yet its caliber in upholding professionals is beyond doubt.

Started as a substitute teacher, he narrated that serving EVSU has been his pleasure, giving his life to the beloved university. “You need to enjoy your work so you’ll not get bored,” Engr. Urgel accentuated.

His experience in the university is tantamount to having a legacy that everyone should foster for the institution to keep its stature. He witnesses diverse administrative acclimatization with different levels of finesse and professional orientation.

Asked anent being one of the oldest recipients of this year’s EVSU Parangal Award, his heart is full of happiness knowing that he contributed something to his beloved university. “I am happy, very grateful because I have reached this far (of my professional life),” he narrated.

Engr. Urgel is considered one of the pillars of the institution in terms of the number of years of service. Meanwhile, he has something to say with regard to work ethics and professional life which is worthy to emulate as committed government officials, Kun it imo trabaho imo gusto, baga nataral nala iton, naeenjoy nla ito nimo. Asya nga pag -ayon it im trabaho. (If you love your work, everything becomes natural, you tend to enjoy and cherish it. That is why you need to love your work, Engr. Urgel emphasized.

Dr. Cristina Polancos

If we want to be inspired by the story of a committed government worker, we can witness the life of Dr. Polancos who becomes an epitome of a dedicated worker in the name of service.

Serving the institution for 15 years, she admittedly confesses that her professional career has never been a walk- in- the- park scenario. “It has never been a smooth journey but I remain grateful and blessed. It is an honor for me to be a part of this momentous event, and receive such an award,” Dr. Polancos recounted.

As the current Head of the Languages and Literature Department, Dr. Polancos gives her best to perform her duties despite the complexity as regards the nature of the task given to her. She always looks at the brighter side of life which she seemingly likens to a light at the end of the tunnel.

“I am truly humbled to be in an institution with the best people who have inspired me, who have helped shape my personal and professional life, who have helped me realize the essence of our profession to truly make a difference, Dr.  Polancos detailed.

Her 15 years in the civil service is something that she cherishes as she continues to render her life and time to serve the institution’s stakeholders. Further, the award speaks about her passion to be a catalyst of change to establish a transformative, well-rounded society. “This award symbolizes the plaque of my dedication and passion in teaching. I am more than grateful and so I offer this award to all the students I have served, especially those whom I have touched in my simple ways of sharing with them my knowledge and skills,” she added.

Dr Polancos ascertained that as long as her passion fuels her up to serve Filipino people, she will uphold the best professional practices that she has been continually exemplifying. “As my journey continues, I will remain humbled and grateful for the lifelong opportunity and meaningful experience that EVSU have offered me,” she concluded.