EVSU Main campus successfully made it in the recently concluded CHEd Onsite Monitoring on the implementation of Flexible Learning conforming to certain parameters stipulated in CMO 4, s2020.

Flexible Learning per CMO definition is a pedagogical approach allowing flexibility of time, place, and commonly uses the delivery method of distance education and facilities of education technology. Such design and delivery of programs and courses are intended to address the learners’ unique needs in terms of place, pace, process and products of learnings.

After VPAA Lydia Morante presented the executive summary of the EVSU FL implementation, Faculty Interview across colleges was conducted by the CHEd 8 Monitoring Team composed of 7 Educational Supervisors led by Mr. Narciso Candiza.

CHEd RO 8 Team gave EVSU the numerical rating of 5 which describes that the University satisfies the requirements of all key items as provided for in the CMO and has the capacity to share resources and expertise in the flexible learning with other HEIs.

University President Dennis C.de Paz positively responded to the results and recommendations of the team.

CHEd’s monitoring of the HEIs FL implementation ensures the continuity of inclusive and accessible education even in the occurrence of national emergencies.