As AY 2021-2022 unfolds, the Eastern Visayas State University remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence through the great efforts of the new university president, Dr. Dennis C. de Paz, as he continues to achieve his vision for the university. The whole academic community is one with the University President as it gears towards a bigger and greater goal.

The Institutional Planning and Development Office spearheaded a 3-day Strategic Planning from September 1-3, 2021, via Google Meet and Zoom. The said institutional activity was part of the University’s effort to set strategic direction in attaining the measurable developmental goals of the University. It was also designed to help the administrators inculcate the value of strategic foresight and scenario planning in order to put the plans they have for the university into reality.

The activity commenced with a Welcome Remarks, Statement of Purpose, Introduction of Participants, Inspirational Message, and Introduction of Resource Persons shared by Prof. Christopher C. Bacungan, Mr. Rex B. Palompon, Dr. Leancel M. Homeres, Dr. Dennis C. de Paz, and Ms. Antonia D. Entino respectively.

On its first two days, the Strategic Planning was participated by key officials and administrators of the university composed of Dr. Dennis C. De Paz, University President; Dr. Lydia M. Morante, VP for Academic Affairs; Dr. Felixberto Avestruz, VP for Administration; Dr. Ma. Crisitna I. Caintic, VP for Research Development and Extension Services; Dr. Danilo B. Pulma, VP for Internationalization and External Affairs; and select campus and administrative directors. The first part of the strategic planning was comprised of eight sessions which were: Introduction to Strategic Foresight and Scenario Planning, Framing the Challenge (Step 1), Determining Driving Forces (Step 2), Defining the Building Blocks (Step 3), Formulating Scenario (Step 4), Deepening Scenarios (Step 5), Identifying Implications and Option, and Identifying Indicators and Signposts (Step 7). It was a success as the administrators actively participated in the different workshops and willingly presented their outputs.

The event was facilitated by four resource persons namely: Ms. Christine Dawn S. Mombay, Coordinator of the Academic Unit of the IPDO; Dr. Leancel M. Homeres, Managing Editor of the Innovative Technology Management Journal of EVSU; Mr. Rex B. Palompon, Head of the Students Publication Office and Technical Staff of the University President; and Prof. Christopher C. Bacungan, Director of the Institutional Planning and Development Office. They imparted key learnings gained from the Online Course on Strategic Foresight and Scenario Planning that they have attended last June 28-July 2, 2021 hosted by the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP). The activity has been even more successful as the administrator-participants enjoyed and actively cooperated in the different workshops.

Further, Day 3 was allotted for the Institutional Development Strategic Planning facilitated by the Director of the Institutional Planning and Development Office, Prof. Christopher C. Bacungan. His talk focused on identifying success indicators, presentation of the OPCR/DPCR and the IPCR, and assessing targets (Quality, Timelines, Efficiency). The final session was likewise participated by the key officials together with the respective academic and administrative heads across campuses.

The activity culminated with a closing message from Dr. Erwin Oscar Ripalda, who is currently the Head of the Planning Office. He expressed his words of gratitude to all the participants of the institutional activity and emphasized that the office is very much convinced that the outcomes of the training-workshop will serve as a guide in doing their part as administrators, contributors, and key partners in reaching the goals of the university. He added that, “despite of the current crisis that the world is facing right now, reaching a goal may seem impossible, but with these tools in mind guided with the developmental plans of the university and working together as one, we can easily achieve our goals”. He finally reminded the administrators-participants that nothing is impossible with teamwork.