As festivities and merriment continue in relation to the 18th charter anniversary celebration, the Office of the Vice-President for Internationalization and External Affairs prepared the EVSU community through the different activities geared toward futures thinking on its VPIEA Day, August 22, 2022.

The highlights of this event are Job Fair 2022, Futures Thinking for Stakeholders of EVSU: An Orientation, Soft Launching of EVSU Campus Wi-Fi, and the Launching of Tatak EVSUnista.

Job Fair 2022

To ensure the employability of the graduates, EVSU Job Fair was launched in partnership with different agencies, to wit: EEI Corporation, Fast Distribution Corporation, PHCCI-MPC Tacloban, Fst Unimerchants Incorporated, First Standard Finance Corporation, Sakura AUTOWROLD Inc., Sheridan Marketing Inc. Savemore Market, River Valley Distribution, Inc. Shopee Xpress, Acabar Marketing International, LCTC Allied Services Bester, Veranda Residence, RSC Department Store, and Concentrix.

“Our job in the university doesn’t end at the four corners of the classroom,” said Dr. Felix Dexter Barrion, Director for External Affairs. He further amplifies the dynamic role of the faculty members that, as educators, it is our utmost satisfaction having witnessed our graduates with stable job that suits their skills and expertise.

It will help them financially and boost the employability rate in the region because of the university’s partnership with different companies and agencies. “I would like to congratulate our job seekers on their employment. We’re very hopeful that our graduates would land a job in this job fair,” he added.

Webinar on Futures Thinking for Stakeholders of EVSU: An Orientation

As the State Universities and Colleges in the Philippines geared toward Futures Thinking, the office conducted the webinar with Mr. Emmanuel de Guia, Resident Futurist, Senate Committee on SDGs, Innovation, and Futures Thinking of the Senate of the Philippines.

Mr. de Guia elaborated on the six steps of Futures Thinking: Frame the Domain, Scan for Forces and Trends, Forecast scenarios, Envision the Future, Backcast, and Implement.

He further emphasized in his talk, “Try to look into the future of EVSU 10 to 20 years from now and ask, What will our future members value? What kind of products and services will our members need? How can we best serve them?”

These statements made the attendees reflect and examine themselves. Ms. Jalaine Joyce Malaban of Polytechnic University of the Philippines further corroborated the talk when she mentioned that in their one-year implementation of the Futures Thinking program in their university, they would consider this premise, “Are our projects aligned with the vision of the university and for whom are we doing these?

The Vice-President for Internationalization and External Affairs summed up the activity with the optimism of Eastern Visayas State University to be funded by Senator Pia Cayetano’s office in its Futures Thinking activities.

Soft launching of EVSU WI-FI

As the world gets digitally driven and virtually oriented, VPIEA Day successfully initiated the Soft Launching of EVSU Campus Wi-Fi. This is in adherence to the university’s vision to be a smart campus as we flaunt technology as the prime mover of industrial prosperity. The campus Wi-Fi will be freely accessible by both Faculty and students, especially in preparation for the opening of the academic year come August 22, 2022.

The key officials of the university graced the event. Dr. Dennis C. de Paz, who delivered his opening message, felt elated with the university’s milestone. Similarly, the Director for Information and Communications technology, Prof. Jude Allan Urmeneta, underscored the role of technology and internet connectivity in the academic landscape.

“We ensure that when we launch Smart Wi-Fi today, malakas iyong access niya assured Prof. Urmeneta.

The event was wrapped up by a closing message from Dr. Danilo Pulma, Vice President for Internationalization and External Affairs.

Launching of Tatak EVSUnista

Charter celebration not only entails festive activities and fellowship; it also recognizes its alumni because of their remarkable innovation, contribution, and accomplishments in their respective fields of expertise.

Some renowned alumni are Academician Alvin Culaba, one of the country’s top scientists, and President Erwin Vincent Acala, the current president of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Alongside the recognition, the launching of Tatak EVSUnista Project of the Alumni Relations and Affairs Office was also inaugurated. Dr. Sonia Enrile, Director, Alumni Relations and Affairs Office, gave the introductory remarks of Tatak EVSUnista.

These notable alumni were grateful to the university for the kind of training they received while studying at the university. “Even parochial school graduates like me could still make it abroad.” Our local teachers are as competitive as the teachers abroad. I am thankful to my teachers, who honed me into who I am today. Thus, we should be proud of our alma mater”, Prof. Hingpis uttered.

This is one of the ways with regard to showcasing the brand of distinction to the exceptional skills and talents EVSUnistas imbibe, which change the landscape of meeting the global demands in diverse industries, thereby contributing much to sustainability and excellence our society needs.

The accomplishments of these alumni speak of the quality education and relevant curricular foundations these graduates had that yielded a more significant impact in establishing globally competitive professionals.

Thus, the Director for Alumni Affairs, Dr. Sonia Enrile encouraged everyone to nominate notable EVSUnistas to be included in the list of alumni with exemplary achievements and be placed at the Tatak EVSUnista portal.