Osias Kit T. Kilag, Aileen B. Catacutan, Julanie L. Abella, Mervin T. Arcillo, Ryzel Maureen T. Figer-Canes, Rechelle Mary C. Zamora


This integrative literature review explores the application of Paulo Freire's philosophy of education to values education, with a focus on transformative learning experiences. The review highlights the alignment between Freire's principles of critical consciousness, dialogue, and praxis, and the goals of values education in fostering ethical development, empathy, and social responsibility. The findings reveal synergies between these two domains, emphasizing the potential for transformative pedagogies that empower learners to critically engage with social issues and become agents of positive change. Practical approaches for integrating Freire's philosophy into values education programs are identified, including problem-posing education, experiential learning, community engagement, and storytelling. These strategies provide educators with practical tools to create inclusive and empowering learning environments. The review also acknowledges challenges and tensions, such as structural constraints and the need for inclusivity, that must be addressed in implementing this integrative approach. The transformative impact of values education programs informed by Freire's philosophy is evidenced through the fostering of critical thinking, the empowerment of students, and the promotion of social justice. However, gaps in the existing literature highlight the need for further research on the practical implementation and long-term effects of this approach in diverse educational contexts. This review underscores the potential of integrating Freire's philosophy of education with values education to create transformative learning experiences. By nurturing critical consciousness, dialogue, and praxis, values education programs grounded in Freire's principles can empower students to critically examine social issues, develop empathy, and take responsible action. This integrative approach has the potential to shape a generation of individuals who are not only academically competent but also morally and ethically engaged, contributing to the creation of a more just and sustainable world.

Name of Research Journal

Excellencia: International Multi-disciplinary Journal of Education

Volume and Issue No.

Vol. 1 No. 1

Date/Year of Publication

July 2023


Kilag, O. K., Catacutan, A., Abella, J., Arcillo, M., Figer-Canes, R. M., & Zamora, R. M. (2023). Transformative Education: A Study of Teaching Values Education-Based on Paulo Freire’s Philosophy of Education. Excellencia: International Multi-disciplinary Journal of Education, 1(1), 56-64.