Amid this global battle against coronavirus, we stand as one resilient community driven by safeguarding the health and well-being of students, faculty, and staff and fulfilling our social responsibility to help our people especially the brave heroes – our medical and non-medical workers and frontliners.

Through ACAP (Anti-COVID Assist Project), EVSU’s immediate response and measures include innovation, production and distribution of ExCITE Immune-Booster drinks, EV-AID Surface Disinfectant, EV-AID Hand Rub/Hand Sanitizer, face shield, and face masks, and collaboration among LGUs and NGOs for a wide coverage of assistance and support. Our collective and unified strength and kindness brought these deliverables to the beneficiaries.

Let us continue the cycle of giving and caring and embrace the uncertainty still with hope and positivity. Help curb the spread of the deadly virus by staying safe and healthy right in the comfort of our very homes. We will get through this together!