Eastern Visayas State University beams with pride as another topnotch graduate emerged in the College of Engineering- Civil Engineering Department by the name of Michael Bruce B. Lariba-a batch 2019 graduate- who secured 5th place in November Civil Engineering Licensure Examination with the average rating of 91.70%.

This comes as no surprise as Engineering Department flaunts its graduates in the top roster of examinees in the Licensure Examination. Needless to say, Civil Engineering department produces topnotch graduates over the years. Engr. Lariba is a living testament that EVSU soars high, forward and beyond.

Furthermore, the department continues to uphold and cultivate the culture of excellence as they are committed to train globally competitive Engineers who can cater the demands of diverse industries across disciplines.

The kind of acclimatization that the department cultivates speaks about the synergistic effort among students and faculty members themselves-helping their graduates become professional engineers. Occasionally, they administer mock test and offer tutorial services whereby Senior Students teach Junior students with regard to areas of difficulty to hone their skills and prepare them for a much more intricate challenge in the future.

“During face-to-face classes, we really drilled our students especially in the civil engineering as early as 5th year first semester. When they can’t pass series of battery tests which is commensurate to the actual Civil Engineering exam, they are advised to retake the subject the following semester so that they can be prepared in the real battle of life- the quest for the title- Engineer,” said Engineer Lilian Lerios, OIC Head of the Civil Engineering Department.

To improve the performance of future takers, the department proposes to conduct achievement tests to expose students to PRC-like examinations.

Elated with regard to the result of the examination, Engineer Lerios accentuated on the importance of motivating students to unleash their potential because there are a lot of potential talents in the Civil Engineering department. They make sure that the curriculum is significantly revised, even updated. Additionally, they take into account the needs of the industry. They conduct annual stakeholder’s meeting to keep updated with the current trends of the industries and meet the demands of the stakeholders.

Civil engineering exists because there is preponderance of dreams to be fulfilled. In this regard, EVSU becomes the vessel of academic stamina which will bring students toward realizations of their professional wavelength and aspiration to be globally competitive professionals in one of the most prestigious universities in the region.

Based on the data released by the Professional Regulation Commission, 20 out of 53 (37.74%) examinees passed the test for the first time takers category. Meanwhile, 3 out of 29 (10.34%) made it to the roster of passers. This figure comes from Repeaters category. In all respects, the overall performance of the university is quantifiable to 28.05%.

As deemed difficult, many could not make it as licensed Civil Engineers because of the peculiar level of difficulty of its exam, but Engineer Lerios has this to say to the future Engineers, “Be diligent and be motivated. Bruce (Lariba) must be their inspiration that despite the pandemic, he placed among the topnotchers.”

Further, on the same note, Engr. Lerios emphasized, “To you fast learner students, do not let your classmates copy your work; Instead, let them understand so that they will develop the needed mathematical and analytical skills. Diligence is also needed, thus they they need to extend more hours in studying“.

As a special significant reminder on how to deal Mathematics with ease, Engr. Lerios note that one open secret is the development of reading comprehension and verbal skills as equally important to mathematical skills that must be developed by engineering students. This was one strength of EVSU’s topnotcher, Engr. Lariba.