“The higher you want to climb, the more you need leadership. The greater the impact you want to make, the greater your influence needs to be.” John Maxwell.

Eastern Visayas State University Graduate School conducted Hooding Ceremony and Commencement Exercises on Dec 11 at The Oriental, Palo Leyte.

Robed in their respective academic gowns, the Candidates for graduation received their hard-earned diploma with pride and exuberance. The event was made possible through the effort of EVSU Administration despite the fact that pandemic takes its toll to people and everything seemingly crumbles under the sheer weight of societal dilapidation, yet EVSU continues its legacy to produce top-performing graduates not only in the baccalaureate level, but also in the Graduate studies.

Exhilarated to be the Guest of Honor in the 28th Hooding Ceremony and 99th Commencement Exercises, Dr. Andres C. Pagatpatan, Jr., President of Eastern Samar State University encouraged the graduates with words of wisdom. In so doing, he recounted his professional journey that is tantamount to hard work and resoluteness in the ladder of academic prestige. “Your years of hard work culminate today as you celebrate the day of your graduation. The years leading to this day might not have been as smooth as you anticipated, which was even made more difficult with the onset of the COVD-19 pandemic, but despite these challenges, you were able to overcome the hurdles just to pass the tedious and rigorous academic requirements,” Dr. Pagatpatan chronicled.

Being a product of such a prestigious school is no easy feat. Nothing is much more challenging than managing one’s time as a graduate student and an employee in industries simultaneously. Yet these Graduates just proved to themselves that they are worthy to receive the much-deserved accolade as a result of their sacrifice by burning the midnight oil just to comply with the tasks which were required of them to undertake. EVSU raises the standard of academic distinction, making sure that they are producing Graduates who are more than ready to cater the demands of diverse industries in the region and beyond.

Dr. Lydia M. Morante, Vice President for Academic Affairs, also extends her warmest felicitations to the graduates; She recognizes the passion that these graduates possess, causing them to celebrate this breakthrough in this momentous event of their academic career. “You have worked hard during your years of stay in the university. We are very proud of your accomplishments and of your outstanding leadership in your class and the university which brought many joys and possibilities for your future endeavors,” Dr. Morante detailed.

The conferment of Degrees, Hooding Ceremony, and Awarding of Diplomas were commenced by Dr. Dennis C de Paz and was assisted by Dr. Analyn Espano, Dean of the Graduate School. The Candidates were delighted upon conferment as graduates. Degrees that were conferred upon are the following: Doctor of Management Technology Major in Public Resource Management, Doctor of Philosophy in Education Major in Educational Programs Management, Master of Arts in Education, Master in Rural Development, Master in Public Resource Management (Non-Thesis), and Master of Science in Information Technology. Meanwhile, Dr. Espano emboldens the graduates to live up to the expectations of their beloved university as they make relevant steps and significant contributions in their respective families and work stations.

The very own university President, Dr. de Paz, congratulates the Batch Madasigon of 2021 who made it this far in their lives, thereby reaping the sweet fruits of their labor. “On this auspicious day, I congratulate you on this wonderful occasion of your graduation here at Eastern Visayas State University. I am hopeful that your academic transformation here has brought you closer to realization of your fullest potentials as we perform our respective duties in more complex and ever-changing world,” Dr. de Paz narrated.

In this edifice of convoluted landscape where mobility is often curbed with pandemic crisis, EVSU continues to induce professionals who can invigorate every fabric of incompetence, transformed into better world where application is moored with theories from the academe.