Eastern Visayas State University has proven itself to be proficient not only in the Engineering programs in terms of yielding topnotch graduates, but also in the Education program. The College produced premium graduate who clinched 6th place (90.80%) in the September 2021 Licensure Examination for Teachers by the name of Jesssica V. Pagallaman.

Jessica Pagallaman is a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education in the year 2019 and she was one of the first fruits of the BEED program. Similarly, it is historic milestone for the College since she’s the first ever topnotch graduate who gives honor and glory not only to the College but also to the entire EVSU community.

“The result of the LET was overwhelming, inspiring; Faculty members were so inspired, and we’re very happy about the result,” said Dr. Leah Abad, Dean of the College of Education. Indeed, the success resonates to the kind of professional upbringing EVSU graduates had when they still underwent studies in their baccalaureate degree. The faculty members take pride in its breakthrough as it puts the quality of education into a higher pedestal of training and instructions to its graduates.

Asked anent the yielding of remarkable milestone, Dr. Abad recollects about the significant and relevant curriculum the college offers which they ascertain that quality education is best served to its clientele especially they are shaping the future of society by honing its topmost graduates inside the classroom.

Meanwhile, the College envisions that more top performing professionals will transpire as they continue to traverse the path for excellence and raise the banner of scholastic transcendence. This is at par with the university’s mission which is to produce graduates with a quality education that will meet the ever fluctuating needs of society.

Pagallaman puts diligence on the things that she wanted to achieve, and because of the deferment as regards the conduct of the LET, it served as her opportune time to burn the midnight oil and to focus on the great exam of life she would embark.

Verily, the success of the college is the manifestation that EVSU can soar high, forward and beyond despite the present societal fiasco brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Rey Anthony Alves, Head of Technical and Vocational Educational, accentuates on the kind of professional competence their faculty members exemplify to the students. They make sure that students learn and that they make sure that they learn profusion of pedagogic repertoire so that they can become more than ready to change the academic landscape of the country toward achieving greater heights that can attune to global standards.

Inspired by the caliber graduate they produced, the college plans to heighten the enhancement program for the next few batches of LET examinees to uphold the standard of excellence of the college.

The college relates that the institutional passing percentage for the BEED program is 77.78%, and they bring in 55.96 in the National passing percentage. Additionally, the college carried through 51.01 % in the institutional passing percentage, while 57.76% in the national passing percentage for the BSED Program.