“There’s light at the end of the tunnel”

Eastern Visayas State University creates a resounding clamor in digital platform as the graduates aced the CPALE 2021 which was conducted in selected testing centers in the country including Tacloban City on October 10-12 2021.

As they embark on the “Great quiz” which dictates the legitimacy of the shared comprehension, theory, and practice in Accountancy they had acquired before achieving the hard-earned diploma in the prestigious institution, all sacrifices are hoped for to be paid off.

EVSU continues the legacy in producing seasoned and top-performing accountants as reflected on the proportions of graduates who are included in the roster of successful examinees in the said exam every year.

This goes with the rigid, arduous training and stringent gatekeeping to percolate the best graduates who can stand the test of time. The gatekeeping process through elimination and retention policy of the program bring out the best graduates who are more than ready to qualify for the much-yearned title, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).

Professional Regulation Commission remarks that out of 2,367 aspirants, 361 made it to the roll of successful passers (15.25%). In the institutional level, EVSU attained a passing rate of 33.33% whereby 5 out of 15 examinees can now affix CPA after their respected names: Coleen P. Aznar, Peachy M. Bandilla, Jubil N. Bardeloza, Sheena Mae L. Dangco, and Jujeth R. Pedrera.

Professor Timoleon Lianza, CPA, a faculty and former dean of the College of Business and Entrepreneurship, extends his warm salutations for the academic breakthrough and the honor that the graduates paid back to the institution.

Verily, the culture of excellence perpetuates in EVSU-CoBE, particularly in BSA program, as they constantly provide relevant instructions and training equipped to engage graduates to become professional accountants in the competitive global landscape.