The Eastern Visayas State University faculty experts, food technologists and nuritionists, join forces to concoct an immune booster drink at the Eastern Visayas Food Innovation Center (EVFIC). They have developed this immune system booster, ExCITE, as aid against threats of COVID-19.

ExCITE or Extinguishing Communicable Infection Through Edible plant source is a solution produced by the EVSU Administration and the EVFIC in order to help the community frontliners and responders battle against COVID-19 by focusing on the first step to prevention which is by boosting our immune system to fight off the first signs of the virus.

“The biggest challenge for now is how we are going to fight against the virus. So, we should boost our immune system through nutrient values or nutrient products that could help our immune system fight against the virus. Though we have a natural defense system in our body, the best thing is our immune system is stronger and strengthened in fighting this virus,” said Mr. Bernard Nino Q. Membrebe, Head of the Innovation and Technology Support Office and Concurrent Head of EVFIC Technology Licensing Office.