The Eastern Visayas Food Innovation Center, a technology hub for innovation, is now producing ExCITE drink, a new product that will make people get armed with immunity. ExCITE stands for Extinguishing Communicable Infection Through Edible plant source. This initiative is made possible through the efforts of President Dominador O. Aguirre, Jr and the technical expertise of nutritionists, food technologists and home economists of the College of Technology. The EVFIC staff takes the lead in the processing and production component and the DTI-SSF in the labeling and documentation aspects.

As an innovative food product developed by the EVFIC, ExCITE drink is an added solution in these extremely challenging times to help curb the threats of COVID-19 by providing a healthy drink that could boost one’s immune system, especially those serving as frontliners in medical institutions, the community volunteers and the vulnerable age groups.

A target of 2,500 bottles of juice drink (330 ml/bottle) is soon available in the next few days. This number, according to Dr. Ma. Cristina I. Caintic, VP for Planning, Research and Extension, could increase as long as raw materials are available.