EVSU forges partnership with top universities globally

Envisioned to be globally competitive institution, Eastern Visayas State University witnesses a milestone in international arena as the signing of Memorandum of Understanding cropped up via zoom meeting last November 19, 2021.

The invitation was sent to Philippine American Academy of Science and Engineering (PAASE) colleagues to witness the momentous event which serves as an avenue of collaboration in the context of research, academe, linkages, and professional growth.

Salient component that highlights the collaboration is the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) among its stakeholders. Similarly, they establish parameters which could strengthen the professional ties among its stakeholders; These are the following: Development of Micromasters short courses for Philippine Industries, and promotion of Masters and PhD studies between Philippine and Taiwan universities.

The Philippine American Academy of Science and Engineering (PAASE) signing of MOU was participated by and Edu-Connect Southeast Asia Association Kaohsiung academe industry umbrella organization and 4 Taiwan universities, to wit: National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Kaohsiung Medical University College of Pharmacy, National Chung Hsing University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, National Yunlin University

“With the endeavors that we have, we can have easy access, communication integrity that we are not into hokos pokos style of communication, rather we are on the right track in communicating with universities abroad through PAASE and with the effort of Dr. Alvin Culaba,” said Dr. Benedicto Militante, Jr., Vice president for Research and Development and Extension.

EVSU became part of the event because of the effort of our very own Academician, Dr. Alvin Culaba, who instigated such activity to solidify EVSU partnerships internationally and to amplify its presence in the global arena in the context of Science, Technology, and Engineering.

Inspired by the great potential drift of global partnership the university has in the future, Dr. Dennis C. De Paz delivered a meaningful speech with regard to the opportunities of putting the academe in greater heights through these academic linkages. It is the vision of the institution to encourage Faculty members in the Engineering department to pursue advance studies in Taiwan particularly in the field of Engineering.

Offering Engineering courses as its flagship program, EVSU administration aims to send its faculty members in one of those high caliber universities for professional growth and development.

This is just the onset of the institution to unravel possibilities and to envisage internationalization as part of mandate of the university. “We consider them not only as partners, but our support in our quest for quality engineering graduates and Science -related programs in the university,” Dr. Benedicto Militante added.

One of the main thrusts of the collaboration is to strengthen academe-industry linkages and to benefit SUCs and HEIs in the regions.

Significant professionals who witnessed the event include DOST Sec. Fortunato de la Pena, Taiwan Ambassador Michael Hsu, former NEDA Sec. and Chair of PAASE Foundation Phil. Ernesto Pernia, former UP President Alfredo Pascual. former UPOU Chancellor Grace Alfonso, CHED Commissioner Lilian de la Llagas, EVSU Pres. Dennis de Paz, BPSU Pres. Gregorio Rodis, T.I.P. President Elizabeth Lahoz, and UNILABP SVP and Unilab Synnovate Pharma Pres. Atty. Joey Ochave. Meanwhile, Chair Professor Eing-Ming Wu and Professor Aaron Chang, our distinguished MOU signatories and other Edu-Connect academe and industry leaders were given the chance to speak as regards the affair.