To ensure that Eastern Visayas State University fulfills an excellent standard of success, the institution is currently undergoing an Accreditation Survey Visit method for evaluation and improvement of the quality of its academic programs. Hard-hit still by the pandemic closures, the survey visit accreditation will be conducted online for the undergraduate programs, to wit: Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Physical Education, Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in MAPEH, Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. Similarly, two of the Graduate Programs will undergo AACUP Survey: MS in Information Technology and Master in Public Resource Management from November 22, 2021 to November 26, 2021.

The week-long Accreditation survey visit began with an opening ceremony featuring Vice-President for Academic Affairs Dr. Lydia M. Morante’s positive and humble welcome message to all the venerable Accreditors, Area counterparts. Likewise, all Faculty members take a significant part in the event.

Following that, Prof. Renato E. Martija, Director of University Quality Assurance and Accreditation and concurrent Director of IMASO, introduced the university key officials. It was then followed by a message from University President, Dr. Dennis C. De Paz, who assured everyone that the university is flourishing in a domain that promotes the ability to compete, to be creative, and to advance in its academic pursuit. Furthermore, the institution offers an educational environment that empowers students to work on initiatives in an effort to enhance the holistic development of an individual for the training of future leaders. It produces graduates who have expertise, competence, and preferences that are aligned with worldwide desired outcomes for education and beneficial social involvement.

Afterwards, the program proceeded with the presentation of the area counterparts, which began with the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. This was presented by the Dean of the College of Architecture and Allied Discipline, Architect Hervy G. Catilogo. For Bachelor of Secondary Education Majors in MAPEH and Physical Education, Dr. Ma. Leah I. Abad, Dean of the College of Education, introduced the Area counterparts. Dr. Analyn C. EspaƱo, Graduate School Dean, presented the Area counterparts for the Graduate programs: MS in Information Technology and Master in Public Resource Management.

Then, Dr. Florieza M. Mangubat, the overall coordinator, introduced the distinguished ACCUP survey team. The opening program ended with an orientation on the EVSU Accreditation Web Portal.

Overall, the opening program of the ACCUP Online Accreditation Survey Visit ended auspiciously.

Photo Credit: Gerald Jayson B. Balanga