Eastern Visayas State University solidifies partnership with the Department of Science and Technology- Community Empowerment through Science and Technology (CEST) program on January 24, 2022, at the Office of the President, EVSU Main Campus.

Among all the submitted proposal projects that are aimed at benefitting communities, EVSU’s proposed project- Grassroots Advancement through Innovating Nutritious (GAIN) Products by Prof. Faustito Aure was chosen to be funded by the said agency.

With the turnover ceremony of the DOST Project Fund to the university, EVSU’s full support was manifested through the presence of the president himself, Dr. Dennis C. de Paz; Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Lydia Morante; Vice President for Internationalization, Dr. Danilo Pulma; Vice President for Administration and Finance, Dr. Felixberto Avestruz; and Vice President for Research and Development and Extension, Dr. Benedicto Militante, Jr.

Ramil T. Uy, National Coordinator for CEST, delivered a comprehensive discussion as to the underpinnings of such project. The agency is optimistic that the project will materialize and that it will eventually benefit the community, and its direct beneficiary- Pope Francis consumer cooperatives.

The said beneficiary indeed needs assistance and training from the government. They want to boost bakery and herbal vegetable products that could surely promote nutrition, health and wellness to the community yet the scarcity of resources curbs them to reach the goal.

“We look at EVSU as a viable partner so we have several partners here, we have calibration center, said Dr. Uy.

Eng. Ernesto Granada, DOST VIII Regional Director, takes pride in this breakthrough that EVSU accomplishes. “We would like to congratulate Eastern Visayas State University, and we are looking forward to the success of this project,” he added.

The purpose of the project is to empower community so that it can develop sustainable society by means of vibrant livelihood. Further, it envisions to improve the health condition of the community by promoting nutritious food with the application of Science and Technology.

Despite the qualms that pandemic takes along, Dr. Dennis de Paz is ardent as regards realizing this project that could make a difference to the community, whereby EVSU is leading to that trajectory as it wants to be visible in the community through extension services. “I am honored that in my time, it will come into fruition; this is indeed a blessing for EVSU, Dr. de Paz recounted.

As it envisages for excellence quality education, Extension services of the university need to be equally intensified as it is one of the fourfold functions of the latter; hence, the institution’s presence should be tangible to the community.

As Dr. de Paz reiterated, 2022 will be a year of abundance for EVSU community as we continue to serve people with a trademark of excellence that would surely propel sustainability amid intractable farce of the community.

Prof. Faustito Aure, the Lead proponent of the project, is optimistic as regards the possible partnership to the community. “We are expecting for acceptability, viability, and commercialization of the products, he emphasized.

As a leading university in the region, EVSU is more than ready to engage in such project as it has technological sophistication that could in fact address the needs of health and livelihood industry to the said beneficiary.