Envisioned to have global distinctness, Eastern Visayas State University, in cooperation with High School for Youth and Community Development Fund for Teachers, New York City held a one-day seminar workshop dubbed as Professional Development Workshop on Inclusive Education, on July 5, 2022 at EVSU Graduate School Function Hall.

In the ever changing landscape of the educational framework and curricula, teachers are encouraged to keep themselves updated with regard to the current trends and practices in the academe. Thus, the main objective of the colloquium is to shape educators in adherence to the 21st century educational canons which entail technology integration, inclusivity, innovation, pedagogy, and interventions to resolve instructional challenges. These are salient topics that educators need to be cognizant about in such a way that we aspire for quality education geared towards realizing lifelong learning among our students.

Alongside these topics are renowned speakers who imparted their expertise on the field of the aforementioned topics. For one, Ms. Pamela G. Washington Parkes discussed on the NYCDOE Special Education Delivery System and the Collaborative. Ms. Washington Parkes is the New York City Department of Education School Administrator. Passionate in cascading her wisdom to the learners, Ms. Washington Parkes believes that all students need an opportunity to grow potentially, and she imbibes the mantra that intelligence is not enough. It should be developed with character; hence, the goal of true education.

Meanwhile, Mr. Regie C. Zamora was the second speaker with the topic, Making Math Instruction Accessible and Equitable to Learners. Mr. Zamora is a Math and Special Educator Teacher at New York City Department of Education. He has extensive experience and knowledge with regard to teaching students, and his speaking engagements in different symposia and fora made him a seasoned educator alongside the research publications he made. His teaching styles are embellished with technological integration and active learning strategies. Similarly, he utilizes Nearpod, Google Apps for Education, among others in the course of the teaching- learning process to bring out the best in the students.

The third lecturer was Mr. Juanito Hingpiz who presented an equally germane topic on Creating Equal Access to Language Learning Through Differentiated and Culturally Responsive Education. Mr. Hingpis is an accomplished teacher, professional development lecturer, and school administrator with more than 30 years of combined teaching and administrative experience. As multi-awarded educator, he received a number of accolades in the academe. He excels in delivering strategies that promote inclusive education- amplifying the promising potentials of learners with special needs.

The event was graced by key officials in the university- such was highlighted with a Welcome Message by Dr. Lydia M. Morante and Presentation of Fund for teachers by Dr. Analyn C. Espano.  Additionally, the University President, Dr. Dennis C. de Paz, gave an inspirational message to the participants of the event.

The said activity was participated in-person by Deped Techers and faculty members of the university. As prime movers of educational wheel, EVSU supports and promotes quality and excellence in pedagogy and inclusive education.