Eastern Visayas State University month-long celebration of charter culminates with community pantry which was held on August 31, 2021 at EVSU Main Campus.

EVSU charter festivity does not only include pageants, showcase of talents, but also the heart of the charter celebration is giving. Community pantry was held to promote the value of generosity which is still anchored in the university’s core value- service. As the local adage goes, Hatag  basi han akos, Kuha basi han pangunahanglan, the university is committed to serve the community.

“Originally the pantry as launched to the Contract of Service workers of the university however, since the plethora of resources came unexpectedly, hence, the blessing was extended to the nearby barangays (43a and 43b), said Dr. Ronald Madera, IGP Director. As a result, 100 Contract of Service employees of the university received free merchandises from the pantry, and 100 community recipients were qualified of such material blessings.

The pantry involves 5 kilos of rice, 5 packs of noodles, 4 pieces of eggs, 3 cans of sardines, 3 combination of canned goods (corned beef, meatloaf, condensed milk), 1 tissue roll, 10 face masks, ¼ slice of squash, 3 pieces of eggplant, and sachets of Coffee Twin Pack. It was the vision of the university to extend the blessing to the marginalized members of community especially in the context of global pandemic.

In addition to that, 56 beneficiaries from the said barangay under TUPAD project were granted a deal. They are to render service in the university with the remuneration of 325 per day and they will be working for 10 days.

The community pantry was spearheaded by the Income Generating Program Department in association with the NSTP department of the university. Similarly, the sponsoring organizations extended help to make the event more successful. The university is in partnership with Kusog Sinirangan Eagles Club, An Waray Party list, Boy Scout of the Philippines, Dean, Directors of External Campuses EVSU-NSTP Students, and Tacloban City Council.

Amidst the global dilemma brought by the Covid-19 virus, the propagation of human welfare should be the utmost virtue that everyone values. Moreover, the university believes that the spirit of magnanimity is still vibrant and the profusion of kindness overflows.

The synergetic effort of the university to extend help to community is one of the hallmarks of revitalized leadership imbued with human welfare in sustaining the needs of the community.

“It was a successful community pantry because the resources exceed beyond our expectations which were also cascaded to the villagers. We could see the joy on the faces of those who were beneficiaries of the said event”, Dr. Madera added.