Envisaging to provide the best service to the clientele and to the stakeholders, EVSU conducted its Midyear Internal Audit on August 11-13 and 16-18, 2021. The Closing Program and Report Presentation was done at EVSU ORDEx Studio Room with the presence of the Internal Quality Audit Team to evaluate the best practices and administrative aptitude of the offices and departments of the university.

As a landmark of excellence to be the top performing university in the region, the highlights of the program include a Welcome Message by Dr. Felixberto Avestruz, followed by the presentation of the Audit Findings by Dr. Ma. Cristina Caintic, the Lead auditor.

Dr. Cristina Caintic, together with the Assistant Lead Auditor Eng. Roque Costiniano and the equally important members of Internal Quality Audit Team fastidiously ascertained that the institution adheres to both statutory and regulatory requirements.

Internal audit’s main objective is to keep stringent control and management over all the activities of the institution. It is stated in their quality objectives that they accentuate on the fivefold essential components to uphold the transcendence of the institution- revitalized instruction, relevant extension, intensified research, optimized production, and expanded development initiatives.

As a leading university in the region, it puts premium in providing quality education which is encapsulated in the university’s core values. The current administration promises to bear the brunt in this innovative trend of academic endeavor.

The program ended with a pledge of commitment by the University President Dr. Dennis C. De Paz, who assured that a transformative institution will continue to propel in an upward trajectory and the culture of excellence of the institution will perpetuate amid the surging menace brought by pandemic.