“Over the past four years we saw so many improvements in the university over the course of my leadership,” third University President Dr.  Dominador O. Aguirre Jr. said in his State of the University Address during the Basic Orientation Seminar (BOS) of student leaders.

Dr. Aguirre delivered his accomplishment report over his term since October 29, 2012  in front of the Supreme Student Government officers and members of the Council of Student Leaders held at the Villa Francisco Function Hall, Picas Sagkahan Tacloban City last November 3-4.

According to Dr. Aguirre, the students contributed a huge part to these accomplishments for they gained recognitions that gave EVSU honor and made the institution excel in different fields.

“The students are part of it because they greatly supported the endeavors this institution has conquered. They are a vital instrument in accomplishing what EVSU is now,” Dr. Aguirre added.

Moreover, Dr. Aguirre highlighted the university’s move to revamp the degree programs’ syllabi to apply the Outcome Based Education to make the university more competent. Along with this is the revision of the school’s Mission and Vision, Goals and Objectives, making it more parallel to the university’s thrust.

He further stressed in his speech that during his term, the university was able to produce competent graduates who gained high-rank employment in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Business Management, Education, Technology, Arts and Sciences as well as Advanced Studies in Education, Management, Engineering and Information Technology.

Moreover, Dr. Aguirre highlighted the new degree programs namely the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics and Bachelor of Science in Maritime Program which are additional to the 72 programs offered in the university.

Dr. Aguirre’s term ended on October 12, 2016, but a special board meeting was conducted to let him continue his leadership while the screening process is in progress for his reappointment as university president for another four years.

During the open forum the university president pronounced before young leaders that the campus purchased fiber optics worth 4.9 million for the basic infrastructure of Information Technology system and to be utilized for the improvement of the accounting and enrollment process of the university which is funded from the internet fee collected during enrollment.

“For now, there is no limit in using the internet unlike before students are only allowed with seven hours per semester,” Dr. Aguirre said.

He also answered the issue regarding the changes in the allowance of conduct of events in the campus as a measure to help the students lessen their unnecessary expenditures.

“Remember no faculty member not even the staff of the university is authorized to collect money from the students,” Dr. Aguirre added.

He clarified that for student’s seminars and trainings, the use of the auditorium and Audio Visual Rooms should be out of charge. However, those who wish to use these must secure permits for them to use the amenities for free with the exemption of the catering services.

In addition, the university president encouraged the conduct of university wide parties to be celebrated in the same date in order to minimize collection of money and to focus more on academics of the students.

Meanwhile, Roy Branzuela, CAS student, raised the debt issue of last year’s Junior-Senior Promenade. Branzuela asked if it is mandatory to pay the P600.00 contribution for this year’s senior students that is collected by the Junior Senior Class Organization (JSCO) during the enrollment to resolve the P164, 000.00 remaining debt.

“The administration will not intervene as of now for it is not a part of the policy of the university to allocate money for that matter,” Dr. Aguirre said.

The university president plans to have the next State of the University Address in a bigger crowd and venue in order to entertain more queries and concerns of the stakeholders of the institution.