On October 27-29, 2021, the University Multimedia Development Center held a virtual 3-day Strategic Planning event to set the unit’s targets and determine how best to attain them.

In her welcome address, UMDC Director Ma. Jenny Advincula highlighted the importance of strategic planning in thinking through initiatives to attain targeted UMDC objectives in order to thrive effectively and produce quality output for the welfare of the entire institution. She also encouraged each member to give it their utmost during the 3-day Strategic Planning, which included developing a vision, expressing the mission, and establishing long-term and forward-looking goals.

Ma’am Christine Dawn Santos Mombay, Academic Coordinator of the Institutional Planning and Development Office (IPDO), served as a resource speaker for the discussion on Quality Objectives, SWOT, and ROA on Day 1, October 27, 2021. Following her discussion, a workshop on the topics was performed, and the UMDC team was able to create and present the unit’s quality objectives, as well as identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as the risks and opportunities assessment.

On October 28, 2021, the 2nd day of the UMDC strategic planning was allocated to the creation of the unit’s vision, mission, and goals statements. Sir Christopher Bacungan, the director of IPDO, presented the guidelines and process of creating the MFOs, Financial Planning, and Log Framework based on the outputs from Day 1 which are the quality objectives, the ROA, and the SWOT Analysis in order to align them with the university’s developmental goals. At the conclusion of the sessions, the unit was able to collaboratively finalize the aforementioned forms, which are required for the creation of the OPCR, which was presented on the third day of strategic planning.

Sir Christopher Bacungan, director of IPDO, was also the resource speaker for the discussion on Plan of Action and Budgeting on Day 3, October 29, 2021. Following his lecture on these pertinent topics, the UMDC team established the Office Performance Commitment and Review (OPCR) as a workshop based on his discussion.

The three-day Strategic Planning concluded with a message from one of the members of the Multimedia Production Team, Mr. Ericson Acebedo, expressing his gratitude to the resource speakers for sharing their expertise, which was enormously valuable to the efficiency, progress, and success of the UMDC team, as well as extend his thanks to the UMDC Director for guiding the unit into becoming effective individuals, and express his appreciation to the entire UMDC team for the success of the said event.