Bringing with them the banner of excellence and distinction, the Eastern Visayas State University- College of Engineering once again takes pride in its accomplishment as its Examinees passed the board exams in the month of September. These are Electrical Engineering Board Examination, Mechanical Engineering Licensure Examination, and Master Electrician Licensure Examination.

“Exams are not just test of brilliance, but the perseverance to be brilliant constantly,” a mantra posted by the Junior Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers- EVSU Tacloban Chapter via social media as they heralded on the accomplishment of the Mechanical Engineering Department and its graduates. Five Mechanical Engineers successfully passed the 2021 Mechanical Engineering Board Exam.

The “On a cloud 9” moment was intensified when John Ronald Saron Alba, and Jonathan Palaña Vilapaña, ranked 10th in the September 2021 Registered Master Electrician Licensure Examination. Engr. Alab, an EVSU-Ormoc Campus alumnus, and Engr. Vilapaña, an EVSU-Tacloban (Main Campus) alumnus, overcame the obstacles and earned a prestigious spot on the list of top performing examinees. The Professional Regulation Commission reported that out of 2,233 examinees for Master Electrician Board Examination, only 1,506 (67.44%) were listed in the roster of successful Master Electricians.

Meanwhile, the September 2021 Registered Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination was conducted on September 5-7, 2021 at selected Testing Centers across the country including Tacloban City. Out of 2,590 Examinees, 1,668 were secured in the list of successful Electrical Engineers across the country. EVSU graduates are living authentications that dedication and diligence are keys to success in life; Thus, they reap their victories as they had been put in the spotlight of prestigious phenomenon in the academic milestone.

Verily, these statistics speak of the adherence of the Evsunista’s academic excellence amidst the insurmountable and ravaging menace of COVID-19 Pandemic.

This reputable institution continues to produce top performing professionals who can take pride in their Alma Mater as they practice the profession they had been called to, yet bringing with them the caliber that the spirit of EVSUNISTA resonates – Excellence, Value-laden, Service-driven, and Unity in Diversity.