The Eastern Visayas State University Top Management, through the PRAISE Committee, has initiated to implement the several awards from its PRAISE System to honor and recognize the exemplary performance of faculty and personnel, who have considerably excelled in their respective crafts and notably contributed to organizational accomplishments, August 26, 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon at Leyte Academic Center Gymnasium, Palo, Leyte.

“Today’s EVSUNISTA Awards and Grand Fellowship is another milestone for the university as we will be honoring our hardworking men and women who unceasingly give their best for the interest of the institution, those who have performed well from their respective assignments, those who have uplifted the image of our beloved university and for those who give honor to the good name of the Eastern Visayas State University,” uttered Dr. Analyn C. Españo, VP-RDE, in her welcome message.

The Gatsby -Themed activity brought out the glitz and glamour of the attendees and gave color to the night of fun and celebration.

The said event marked a milestone for the university  PRAISE Committee, composed of the University, Dr. Dennis C. de Paz, Jr., VP-Academic Affairs, Dr. Lydia Morante, VP-Admin and Finance, Dr. Benedicto T. Militante, the OIC- Chief of Human Resource Management Office, Ms. Ederlyn Dagami, the Chief of the Administrative Office, Dr. Doris Ann S. Espina, the Chief of the Finance Division, Mrs. Marlene U. Lim, the President of the Federated EVSUFA, Engr. Cleofe Caidic, Dr. Pearl Aphrodite Carnice,and Dr. Jovito Madeja, has set in place the yearly selection of deserving faculty and staff who opt to receive the following awards:

A. BEST EDUCATOR AWARD – is given to a Faculty Member who has exhibited holistic and commendable performance in various areas as a government servant, on top of his key functions in Instruction, Research, and Extension services.

B. BEST EMPLOYEE AWARD – is given to Non-Teaching Personnel who has demonstrated exemplary and commendable performance in the field of work and continued display of ethical standards of a public servant.

C. BEST RESEARCHER AWARD – is given to a faculty member who has demonstrated exceptional accomplishment in the university’s several research fields.

D. BEST EXTENSIONIST AWARD – is given to faculty who has excelled and performed outstanding achievements in extension and community involvement activities.

The recipients of the EVSUNISTA Awards were the following:

  1. Educator of the Year 2021 (Best Educator)
    • Dr. Rosemarie C. Abocot
  2. Employee of the Year 2021 (Best Non-Teaching Personnel)
    • Mr. Porferio Wilfredo A. Briva
  3. Researcher of the Year 2021 (Best Researcher)
    • Prof. Jennilou C. Patindol
  4. Extensionist of the Year 2021 (Best Extensionist)
    • Prof. Mark Reynan C. Sabayan

Meanwhile, a certificate of appreciation is given to the other nominees of the EVSUNISTA Awards: Prof. Segundina Devota A. Dilao, a nominee for Best Educator; Dr. Jeffry V. Ocay, Prof. Ferdinand T. Abocejo, Dr. Sheldon Ives G. Agaton, and Engr. Juvyneil Cartel, the nominee for Best Researcher; and Prof. Daisy L. Lagdamen, a nominee for Best Extensionist.

Special Awards were given to Dr. Rosemarie C. Abocot for being a CHED grantee of a fully funded participation in an International Conference; Prof. Jeff L. Homeres, a nominee of Eastern Visayas State University to the 2022 Honor Awards Program of the Civil Service Commission’s LINGKOD BAYAN AWARD; Mrs. Cristina M. Viador, a nominee of Eastern Visayas State University to the 2022 Honor Awards Program of the Civil Service Commission’s DANGAL NG BAYAN AWARD; Prof. Vienmer S. Ogrimen, and Prof. Jasten Kenneth D. Treceñe of Tanauan Campus.

Furthermore, Special Commendation were also given to Mrs. Celodonia G. Cabillan, Mr. Anthony R. Alcaraz, Ms. Eva Marie V. Lelis, Mr. Jeremias M. Orbaneja, Mr. Jerry Ochea, Engr. Ritchie G. Ibañez, Mr. Danilo Bohol, Jr.,Prof. Jerry E. Mores, and Mr. Rex Palompon.

In addition, Special Citations were also bestowed to the Most Punctual Employee, categorized for regular Non-teaching Personnel, Contract of Service, and Maintenance/ Utility Personnel; Most Courteous (awarded to Security Personnel); Most Diligent; Special Awards and Special Commendations.

Most Punctual Employee

Regular NTP

  • Noli Teñoso – Main Campus
  • Eusebio Bacayo – Ormoc Campus
  • Angelina N. Cesar – Tanauan Campus
  • Pamela P. Digman – Carigara Campus
  • Renato Calades – Burauen Campus

Contract of Service

  • Melfred E. Goles – Main Campus
  • Emmanuel Tancinco – Ormoc Campus
  • Javier Operio – Tanauan Campus
  • Triumfo A. Tadefa – Carigara Campus
  • Ryan Vivero – Burauen Campus

Maintenance/ Utility Personnel

  • Rodrigo Rosales – Main Campus
  • Jude Jabilles – Ormoc Campus
  • Teodorico Cerenio – Tanuan Campus
  • Gavino F. Camarines – Carigara Campus
  • Felisito Calucer – Burauen Campus

Most Courteous Employee (awarded to Security Personnel)

  • Crisanto S. Dupa – Main Campus
  • Rolando A. Alconaba – Tanauan Campus
  • Ramir Capuyan – Ormoc Campus
  • Rodjie S. Costelo – Carigara Campus
  • Harvey Itona – Burauen Campus

Most Diligent

  • Soler R. Amago – Main Campus
  • Aguilino C. ortula – Carigara Campus
  • Samuel Malate – Tanauan Campus
  • Erwin Marteja – Burauen Campus
  • Sara C. Endriano – Ormoc Campus

As another school year unfolded, new designees for different key positions of the university were sworn into office through a ceremonial bequeathal of responsibilities from the former appointees to the new one.

The following offices had their newly designated officials:

Office of the University President

  • Director, Income Generating Projects – Dr. Erwin Oscar Ripalda
  • Manager, Printing Press – Dr. Jake Algo
  • Director, University Multimedia and Development Center – Dr. Leancel M. Homeres

Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs

  • Dean, Graduate School – Dr. Gabino Petilos
  • Director, Student Affairs and Service Office – Prof. Timoleon Lianza
  • Head, Student Affairs Office – Ms. Ermy Cabanganngan
  • Director, Culture and the Arts – Dr. Beato Ambe
  • Head, Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) – Dr. Rey Anthonie Alvez
  • Director, Dulag Campus – Dr. Ramil M. Perez
  • Head, Sports Development – Dr. Senen Jude Ruetas

Office of the Vice-President for Research & Development, and Extension Services

  • Vice-President for Research, Development, and Extension Services – Dr. Analyn C. Españo
  • Director, Learning Institute for Environment – Dr. Mary Jean P. Yanger
  • Head, DRR-CCA and Community Relations – Prof. Charlie Ripalda
  • Manager, Environmental and Disaster Risk Reduction Management Laboratory – Prof. Fe Piedad
  • Managing Editor, ITMJ – Dr. Jeffry Ocay

Office of the Vice-President for Administration and Finance

  • Vice-President for Administration and Finance – Dr. Benedicto T. Militante, Jr.
  • Head, BAC Secretariat – Prof. Vincent Cabantoc

Office of the Vice-President for Internationalization and External Affairs

  • Director, Information and Communications Technology – Prof. Jude Urmeneta
  • Head, Management Information Services Office – Engr. Chito Petilla

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Head, Mathematics Department – Prof. Melodina Garol
  • Head, Chemistry Department – Prof. Grechelle Socias

College of Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Head, Entrepreneurship Department – Prof. Darwin Navarrosa
  • Head, Marketing Department – Ms. Giselle Janna Joyce Morcilla

College of Education

  • Dean – Dr. Hermigildo S. Badion
  • Head, Culture, Arts, Physical Education Department – Dr. Beato C. Ambe
  • Head, Technical and Vocational Education Department – Prof. Julinito Sangutan
  • Principal, Secondary Laboratory School – Dr. Grace Camasin

College of Engineering

  • Dean – Engr. Ramon I. Lim
  • Head, Civil Engineering Department – Dr. Diosdado J. Lesigues
  • Head, Electronics Communications Engineering Department – Engr. Lilian Ballais

College of Technology

  • Dean – Prof. Bernard Niño Q. Membrebe
  • Head, Hospitality and Tourism Department – Prof. Harvey Romawak
  • Head, Industrial Technology Department – Prof. Eduardo Cabuyao

Meanwhile, other designees of the other key university posts were retained.

Merry-making and fun-filled presentations from different campuses and colleges made the activity engaging and festive. Ms. Ma. Stefanie I. Caintic, faculty of the College of Technology, BS-IT Major in Clothing and Fashion Design, was declared the “Star of the Night.”

“As one university moving forward towards a brighter future, let us keep our focus on the many things that hold us together; on the many circumstances that keep us stronger; on our indifferences that make us more humane with one another, co-existing in harmony with love, understanding and compassion” summed up Dr. Dennis C. de Paz, the University President.

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