As part of the celebration of the National Science Month, the Natural Sciences Department, College of Arts and Sciences initiated an onsite conference on promoting environmental awareness and ozone preservation with the theme “Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future”, September 16, 2022, 9:00 o’clock in the morning at Science Building, Room 132,

Faculty members and students of Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences participated the series of lectures of key personnel from Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), namely-Mr. Kenney D. Benaires, Mr. Sherwyn Ian Panis, Ms. Amor Eloise Morano, and Ms. Maria Glenda Lagunzad.

Mr Kenney D. Benaires tackled the facts behind ozone layer and tips for its preservation. He stated that humans play an integral role in safeguarding mother nature. This rather calls for urgent response as the effect of ozone layer depletion reciprocated to humans themselves, hence, the cause of cataclysmic global phenomenon.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sherwyn Ian Panis, a technical staff at Environmental Management Bureau, delivered a meaningful topic in Youth in Climate Action for the preservation of ozone. He amplified on the mechanism by which we can promote ozone preservation by instilling positive philosophy with right attitude against this environmental issue. He further recounted affirmatively that people can potentially do something to reduce the impact of climate change. “May mahihimo kita para masolbar it Climate Change,” expressed Mr. Panis in an infographic entry.

Ms. Amor Eloise Morano presented an equally relevant topic on the National Program on Sustainable and Eco-friendly schools. She underscored the quest to promote eco-friendly schools by selecting learning institutions which tangibly delineate and practice concern for the environment and proper segregation of garbage, among others. Further, she accorded programs to foster eco-friendly learning centers, namely: physical cleanliness, orderliness, and beautification of the schools, paper conservation or paper recycling, water conservation and management, and waste reduction, waste segregation, recycling, and composting.

Furthermore,Ms. Maria Glenda Lagunzad, the Head of the Environmental Management Bureau discussed the culminating on recognizing environmental values. She highlighted values which are so necessary to inculcate concern for the nature. “These are panginlabot, responsibilidad, and disiplina”, she said. Alongside these facets are eco-friendly reminders as regards our attitude towards ozone preservation and climate change mitigation.” We must protect our planet because it is our only home and provider,” she emphasized.

Environmental Sciences majors made the conference even more substantial with the questions raised on the practical mitigation and solutions that people may consider despite the threat brought about by industrialization and digital era.

Delighted to share their thoughts anent the ozone preservation, the Natural Sciences Department, through its Head, Prof. Elvira Martija, in return, awarded certificates of appreciation to Guest Speakers for selflessly sharing these pressing, environmentally-related issues with a potential antidote in combating climate change and global warming in these unprecedented times.