The Languages and Literature Department highlighted the importance of creative expression in effective communication as it took part in the annual English Month Celebration last November.

Spearheaded by the English Language Society, LLD proffered various activities in line with this year’s theme: “The English Language: Making an Edge in Communication through Creative Expressions”.

“Language forms an ingredient of communication skills and these skills are major components of soft skills which will give us an extra edge from obtaining a decent job as well as surviving a glorious career,” said Dr. Corazon M. Cachero, Head of the Languages and Literature Department.

Dr. Cachero further said that we should make it a habit to constantly update and upgrade ourselves with the skills that we need to acquire because habit makes us internalize practice.

On November 14, ELS put up an exhibit in the College of Arts and Sciences lobby featuring the literary masterpieces of prominent authors including The Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer, From an Essay on Criticism by Alexander Pope and Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare.

“This exhibit is about the various literary pieces where we showcase the beauty of it thru illustrations. In this way, students will be able to appreciate the poems and stories and for them to have additional knowledge on what these pieces are all about,” said Princess Rose Mariz Padernos, an ELS Officer.

Other than the said exhibit, ELS likewise held a series of literary competitions including Essay Writing Contest, Declamation and Spoken Poetry held simultaneously last November 25 at the CAS Lobby.

With her piece written “Vengeance is not ours, it’s God’s” Erica Milo of CAS landed first in the Declamation Contest while Princess Campo, grade 7 student of the Secondary Laboratory School (SLS) seized second place with her interpretation of “I killed him because I loved him”.

On the other hand, Micah Mae Morbos of COE bagged the first place with her piece “Homework Habits of a Perfectionist” by Erin Anastasia putting Griselda Marie Gannaban of CAS who performed “A Letter to Society” by Rachel Buckhoff in second place.

“This competition is an outlet and an opportunity for us participants to share what we love to do amidst our busy academic lives. May the organizers continue to promote these kind of activities for the students,” said Micah Mae Morbos, Spoken Poetry Champion.

Head of LLD, Dr. Corazon M. Cachero acted as chair of the panel of judges while Prof. Eduardo A. Bagas and Prof. Wilson Aniano sat as members.

Glyssa Mari Quiepo, ELS President shared thru an interview on what other activities can we expect from the said organization.

“We are preparing another theatre show just like what we had last year, but this year we are planning to feature the story of Peter Pan. This is a way for us to continue the legacy and success from last year’s remake of Aladdin. This is something the students will surely look forward to,” said Quiepo.