As a president for eight magnificent years, Dr. Dominador O. Aguirre, Jr. has turned Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU) into a promising institution where quality education stands at par with other leading universities in the country. Under his propitious governance, changeover occurred while dispelling unrest left before his presidency – an evolution that brought honor and prestige enjoyed by the constituency and the university being an emerging frontrunner in academic excellence, research innovation and production, and extension services.

His mantra – to make a difference in the lives of the people – may seem a cliché but through his leadership where he is able to extract the best  performance from each member of the organization, not through threats or intimidation but through positive motivation, he was able to effect a change in the outlook in all spectrums of his service and leadership. This left an indelible mark in EVSU and its most important resource – the human capital.

And with all that he has successfully accomplished in and for this beloved university, he will forever be remembered as:

A Teacher by Profession.

A decorated teacher who found a niche and a sterling career in the academe, he is instrumental in transforming the lives of students under his tutelage. His valued teachings reverberated beyond the walls of the classroom and transcended among his students – making them better versions of themselves. A professional teacher of knowledge and wisdom gracefully seasoned by life’s experiences. As a professor, he teaches not only by the books but sees the world as one great playground – from which we can all learn and have fun at the same time. He is a true mentor, and forever a teacher of life.

A Man of Vision.

A visionary man whose resolve has always been driven by his strong commitment to serve people. His leadership guided by his strong spirituality had made him earned the genuine respect which most leaders would have desired. His charismatic personality had brought dynamic ties with other leaders and friends which created opportunities for projects and collaborations. He is always looking forward for what he can achieve- to innovate and make a difference.

A Leader by Example.

A transition leader who leads by example. His leadership spoke eloquently of his scruples, the magnanimity of his heart and the nobility of his being. As a persuasive public figure half of his life, he never acquired an air of arrogance nor a contrived disposition. The lengthy exposure to these social dynamics would have turned him into an authoritative leader, but his humility was the inherent power he had in the relationships he cultivated among us. A leader who never imposed on his constituents but lead with wisdom setting an example, serving a mirror to let us see the best in us.

A President with a Heart.

A unifying President with a big heart for humanitarian causes and whose affirmative leadership has steered the university to reach new heights – being results-oriented and without settling for less in all his endeavors. With him at the helm of the Eastern Visayas State University for two terms, great things happened and will continue to happen. He simply has carved his legacy of commitment and compassion as the cornerstone of professional relationship in the academe.

Dr. Aguirre finished two full terms of his presidency on February 5, 2021 and retired from government service on February 26. As the entire EVSU community bids adieu with hearts full of gratitude, his brand of humane and just leadership has surely left an enduring mark in everyone’s lives.

His footprints shall carry on.

His legacy shall live on.